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If you're a sports fan and enjoy betting on the outcome of your favourite sports like Soccer, Formula 1, Hockey or Boxing then you need to find the right site to place your bets. Finding the perfect sports betting sites couldn't be easier with Sports Betting Expert. We test and compare sportsbooks to ensure we only bring you the very best.

Picking a site is like choosing your seat at a game. You need to make sure you are in the best position to see what's happening and that you are comfortable in that seat but most importantly you want to enjoy the experience. When you choose a sports betting site, based on our recommendations and extensive reviews, you’ll definitely find the site that is right for you.

So, how do we do it? As huge sports fans ourselves, we have tried and tested many sportsbooks so have first-hand experience. Our team of experts all have their favourite sports and use their knowledge to test each site that we recommend. Our findings are then shared with you in the form of detailed feedback and reviews.

Using you will discover everything you need to know, including:

  • Picking a sports betting site that offers the best experience and game odds
  • Which sports betting sites offer the best bonuses and variety of sports games
  • How to get better at online betting using strategy guides and tips from experts

The Best Online Sportsbooks

If you enjoy sports betting how do you choose a sportsbook to use? Does it tend to be based on a single factor like choice of sports or do you look for welcome bonuses or strategy help? For many it is simply down to ease of use and choice of sports. Let's take a look at some of the considerations to make when choosing the best sports betting sites:

Great Bonuses

There are an extensive range of bonuses on offer from the various sports betting sites and no two seem to be the same. From matching your initial deposit to giving you better odds on your first bet, there are so many great incentives to consider. Using the bonuses to your advantage, you can enhance your opportunity to win by placing bigger bets or you can use it to place bets you normally wouldn't. The choice is yours.

Mobile Support

Many people don't want to fire up the laptop to place a bet, they live life on the move. Mobile phones have become the means for many of us to transact on the go. This is no different with sports betting. If you have access to a mobile phone and the internet then you can bet on the go. When you are choosing the best sportsbook for you, do some research first. Check whether there is a mobile app as well. This is great when you don't want to keep logging in and will send you notifications when your events are live.

Customer Service

There is nothing worse than having a query or an issue and not being able to get hold of anyone. You may have a question about the service or you may be struggling with a particular element and need some help. Good websites have good customer support mechanisms in place. This could be telephone numbers for help and support or it could be an online chat assistant that pops up when you are on the website. You should be able to find access to these methods of contact fairly easily.

Strategy Help

There is nothing worse than having an issue and not being able to get in contact with anyone. You may have a question about the service or you may be struggling with a particular element and need some help. Good websites have good customer support mechanisms in place. This could be telephone numbers for help and support or it could be an online chat assistant that pops up when you are on the website. You should be able to find access to these methods of contact quickly and easily.

Bet on Great Sports Anytime

If you are a sports fan then you will want to bet on your favourite sports whenever there is an event available to bet on. Many sports betting sites will offer you the chance to bet on a variety of sports.

Soccer And Rugby

There are many opportunities to place bets on the results of soccer and rugby matches. It's not only the score that you can bet on either. Predict who will score the first goal, what the final score will be and who will score the most goals. Alternatively predict the outcome of where a particular team will finish in the league and if they will finish top or bottom of their group.

Boxing And UFC

Both boxing and MMA have a lengthy history when it comes to betting on the results of fights. To bet on the outcome of a fight you need to bet big to make it worthwhile however you can add specifics to your bets like who will knock who out in which round. Round betting and points wagers are good ways to increase your odds and winnings.

Formula 1 And Nascar

It's an exciting way to bet when you choose to bet on Formula 1 and Nascar. You also have a lot of choice. You can choose to bet the outcome of the single races or you can bet on the championship. You can also bet on the top three or matchups with some sites offering even more choice.

Golf And Hockey

When it comes to golf you can bet on the US Open, PGA Championship or the Masters as well as many other tournaments. You can also bet on ice hockey games and the outcomes of these matches. Not only can you bet on the winner, you can also make tournament predictions to increase your chance of winning more money.

Meet Our Authors
Adam Hope
Adam Hope
Staff Writer

When it comes to all things sports and betting, Adam really knows his stuff. He has made a serious amount of money betting online from hours and hours of games. In our eyes this makes him a pro betting expert! Learn more.

Meet Our Authors
Gemma Bonde
Gemma Bonde
Staff Writer

Having spent 12 years working in the betting industry in various roles, we look to Gemma for her expert insight into the sportsbook sites. She knows how they run which gives us an excellent view into their operations. Learn more.

Meet Our Authors
Jeff Knight
Jeff Knight
Staff Writer

We look to Jeff for everything sports betting. His forte is spending all his time looking for winning odds and games. Jeff firmly believes all sportsbooks payout differently. His bank account tells us he isn't often wrong. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sports Betting FAQ

Are sports games easy to bet on and win?

If you choose the right website that is intuitive and easy to use, then yes, sports games are easy to bet on. When it comes to winning it is like everything. There are those that are more likely to win a match, tournament or game than others. The most likely winners will have the shortest odds and predicting an outright win won't always be the most profitable. Using your knowledge and experience you can start to place bets on other outcomes like top scorers, top 3 teams or individuals and more.

How are odds set and how do they work?

The odds are set by the sportsbook and are based on a number of factors like the favourite to win, the defending champion etc. If predicting an outright winner, the odds will always be shorter however the more detailed your bet, the more chance you have of lengthening these odds and increasing your profits. 2 pounds for every pound you bet is odds of 2/1 and is a lot less attractive than placing three bets with different odds, however each one has to be successful to win big.

Is it possible to bet on a mobile or tablet?

If it isn't possible to bet on a mobile or tablet then you may want to consider your decision to use the site at all. Many people now like to be able to transact on the move and to do so it is important that the site is user friendly. You are looking for a site that works well on your mobile or that has a dedicated app that you can download. Remember to check this before you open an account and check that it is easy to use on whichever device you are using.

Can I be sure my money is safe and secure?

If you choose a reputable site with reviews, recommendations and a good history then your money should be perfectly safe and secure. If in any doubt you can refer to our list of recommended sports betting sites to check that they are licensed to trade and that they offer a good all-round experience. At the end of the day while you want your experience to be fun, you also want to be confident that your money is safe.

How do I find a reliable and trusted bookie?

That is easy. You just continue looking through our website at our many reviews and recommendations. We test every online bookie ourselves and put each one through their paces to ensure that they bring you a good user experience and all the best benefits when it comes to sports betting. From choice of sports to whether the site is mobile friendly and offers a welcome bonus, we test every aspect before we recommend them.

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