About SportsBettingExpert.net

About SportsBettingExpert.net

If you are new to Sports Betting you probably have lots of questions about the best online sportsbooks available. Type "sports betting" into Google and you are faced with a multitude of "pick us" type statements which all promise to give you the best online betting experience with all the bells and whistles.

Wading through all of the bold claims and attractive offers of the sportsbooks that offer their services to sports betting fans is not easy. With amazing welcome deals and all singing, all dancing apps, seeing through all of the hype to find the site that delivers what you want can be hard. Who should you make a deposit with and why?

That’s why we created SportsBettingExpert.net. We offer a comprehensive selection of reviews and information to help you to decide where and how to spend your money. All of this information is based on up to date facts and figures that our dedicated team spend hours researching.

Who we Are

SportsBettingExpert.net was established in London in 2012 to research the many sportsbooks around the world. In order to achieve this, we have a 13 strong team of very experienced online gamblers with over 75 years’ experience who know their stuff when it comes to sports betting. We are also very lucky to have an extended team of content writers, researchers, creative designers, all who make this site possible.

With so much information available it can sometimes be overwhelming which was what led us to launch this website. We felt that there needed to be one place where sports betters could come to find out everything they need to know when it comes to choosing a sportsbook and increasing their knowledge and skills.

As things are constantly changing and evolving, and the sports bookmakers themselves keep updating, it is imperative that we have our finger on the pulse. Our team deliver information that is not only as detailed as possible but also kept up to date. All of our online reviews and ratings are easy to access and continually up dated with the latest changes and offers.

Meet The Team

Staff Expert

When it comes to all things sports and betting, Adam really knows his stuff. He has made a serious amount of money betting online from hours and hours of games. In our eyes this makes him somewhat of a betting expert!

Staff Expert

Having spent 12 years working in the betting industry in various roles, we look to Gemma for her expert insight into the sportsbook sites. She knows how they run which gives us an excellent view into their operations.

Staff Expert

We look to Jeff for everything sports betting. His forte is spending all his time looking for winning odds and games. Ben firmly believes all sportsbooks pay differently. His bank account tells us he isn't often wrong.

What we do For You

No doubt you lead busy lives and like to be able to conduct your business and leisure on the move. This leaves very little time to spend researching each and every sports betting site looking for the one that offers the best odds or pays the best bonuses. We understand that not everyone is looking for the same things from their gambling experience which is why we identify the core priorities and test each site.

Use our star ratings to choose a shortlist of sites that you want to look at further. From your shortlist of sites, you can make your final decision based on fact and recommendation rather than taking a chance with a site that you feel looks OK. Using the information that we provide, you can be confident that the site you are choosing ticks all of the boxes.

Each of our sportsbook reviews provides information about every aspect of betting. We answer the questions you have so that you can choose your favourite online site for your sports betting experience. We can see through the claims and promises to find genuine, reliable sportsbooks that are licensed, regulated and provide the best betting experience.

Questions or Problems

If you have questions or concerns about the information that we provide or have a query for us then we would be happy to address them. Simply contact us using the information below and our team will be happy to assist.

You can contact us 24/7/365 via these methods and we will contact you back as soon as we can.


You can email us directly via:


SportsBettingExpert.net isn't an online sportsbook and does not own or operate any such online platforms. The information that we provide is based on extensive research which we use to review and rate online sports sites. We offer no guarantees to the accuracy of any information that we provide in any review or article on this site but we do endeavour to ensure that the information that we provide is as up to date and accurate as possible.

Online sports gambling involves a high level of risk and can lead to financial loss. SportsBettingExpert.net cannot be held responsible for any financial losses, even if it is a result of using the information on this website. We cannot be held liable for any action undertaken on third-party sites. We would like to point out to all visitors that the legal age of gambling differs in each country and you should respect the laws of your residence

Our ratings and reviews are wholly genuine, and we are in no way influenced or rewarded by the companies that we review. This information is purely for your information. Sometimes however, you will come across links to third-party websites which are advertisements and for which we do receive financial gain for referring new customers.

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